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Octagonal Blue Sapphire Ring

Tourmaline Necklace

Opal Earrings

Moonstone and Spinelle Earrings

Teardrop Turquoise Earrings

Chrysoprase Earrings

Aquamarine Earrings

Openwork Earrings Drop

Openwork Earrings Leaf

Blue Opal Earrings

Capped Opal Sphere Earrings

Gray Moonstone Earrings

Openwork Shell Earrings

Tsavorite Band

Blue Sapphire Rings

Blue Teardrop Sapphire Ring and Diamond Band

Yellow Sapphire Ring and Tsavorite Band

Gray Spinel Ring

Aqua Sapphire Ring

Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink Trilliant Ring

Moonstone Cabochon Ring

Swan Heads Ring

Apricot Sapphire Ring

Yellow Sapphire Ring

Amethyst Ring

Citrine Ring

Warm Tone Sapphire Rings

Red Tourmaline Ring

Teal and Blue Sapphire Rings

Green Tourmaline Trilliant Ring

Purple and Pink Sapphire Rings

Aquamarine Cabochon Ring

Round Moonstone Ring

Boulder Opal Ring

Chrysocolla Empire Ring